Macular Pucker
Summar Tackett
Ophthalmic Medical Technology Student
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


Case History

A 59 year-old white female presented to clinic with blurry vision and dull pain in the left eye. Her past medical history included biliary cirrhosis, sarcoidosis, and diabetes. Her past ocular history included myopia, uveitis secondary to sarcoidosis, and epiretinal membrane (ERM). Upon examination the visual acuity (VA) was 20/20 in the right eye and 20/30-1 in the left eye. Cup to disc (C/D) ratio was .4 in the right eye and .5 in the left eye. An Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) was ordered, and an ERM was noted in the patient’s left eye; she was then instructed to return in six months.

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