Ophthalmic Medical Technology Student
University of Arkansas Medical Sciences


Patient History

39 y/o AAF presents with shocking pain in the left eye status post corneal transplant and punctal plugs. She also presents with itching, burning, and redness to the left eye. Past ocular history includes dry eyes, keratoconus in both eyes with a cornea transplant in the left eye on 4-18-2008. Visual acuity right eye: RGP (rigid gas permeable contact lens) 20/25+, left eye: without correction 20/100 pinhole 20/40+. Intraocular Pressure: right eye: 12, left eye: 16 @ 10:26. Eye medications include: Predforte® 1 drop every other day in the left eye, timolol 1 drop daily in both eyes, autologous serum four times a day in both eyes, Azasite daily at bedtime in right eye, Restasis® 0.05% 1 drop twice day in both eyes, Patanol® as needed, and Systane® as needed. Patient has no allergies and is on no other medications.

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